1. vundle.vim/pathogen.vim
  2. basic.vim
  3. header.vim
  4. script.vim


Install vim:

sudo apt-get install vim
sudo yum install vim

Use vundle to manage plugins(recommend):

echo "source ~/dotfiles/etc/vim/vundle.vim" > ~/.vimrc
rm -rf ~/.vim
mkdir -p ~/.vim/plugins
git clone ~/.vim/plugins/
vim +PluginInstall +qall # run this on shell command line
:PluginInstall # or run this in vim command line
source ~/.vimrc

Use pathogen to manage plugins:

echo "source ~/dotfiles/etc/vim/pathogen.vim" > ~/.vimrc
rm -rf ~/.vim/bundle
mkdir -p ~/.vim/bundle
git clone <plugin-url> ~/.vim/bundle/<plugin-name>
source ~/.vimrc

How to use

Vim font and color theme, need to set the terminator work with the same theme.

Vim inner hotkey:

za - opne/create current fold
zi - open/create all fold

Hotkey in vim:

<leader> - \ default is \ in vim.

Ctrl+z - Save file
Shift+z - Open stardict

F1 - VIM help, default
F2 - Open/Close Winmanager
F3 - Open/Close NERDTree
F4 - Open/Close Tagbar
F5 - Open/Close Minibufexplorer
F6 - Open/Close gundo
F10 - Use calendar
F11 - Full screen the terminal, default
F12 - Open Browser for markdown file


<leader>p - find file in current and sub folder.
<leader>f - find file in MRU.
<leader>c - clear MRU cache.


<leader>ya - force compile And diagnostics
<leader>yb - goto definition
<leader>yc - goto declaration
<leader>yd - goto definition else declaration
<leader>ye - detailed djagnostics


<leader><tab> - expand trigger
<leader><c-tab> - jump forward trigger
<leader><s-tab> - jump backward trigger

For C/C++:

F7 - For C/C++ run make clean.
F8 - For C/C++ close quickfix windows.
F9 - For C/C++ run make.

For Java:

F7 - To add all missing imports.
F8 - To remove all missing imports.
F9 - For java run javac and java.

For Python:

F7 - run autopep8 by pymode.
F8 - run 'pyflakes', 'pep8', 'mccabe', 'pep257' by pymode.
F9 - run script by pymode.
<leader>b - create breakpoint by pymode.

<leader>k - show pydoc by jedi
<leader>d - goto definition by jedi
<leader>g - goto assignment by jedi
<leader>r - rename by jedi
<leader>n - show usage of a name by jedi

For html/css:

<C-y>, - insert html:5 to trigger emmet for html/css

<C-e> - tag or tag#name to trigger sparkup for html